This 50 Push-Up Challenge Will Transform Your Body in 4 Week


Week 4: Push-ups

Day 22: 35 push-ups
Day 23: 35 push-ups
Day 24: remainder
Day 25: 38 push-ups
Day 26: 40 push-ups
Day 27: remainder

Day 28: 42 push-ups
You are practically at the goal! See it as a chance to do your ideal every session. Take the time to realize how far you have come. And you might not have been able to do five push-ups, as now you can do 30. You have much to be pleased with!

The last two days of the obstacle:

Day 29: 45 push-ups
Day 30: 50 push-ups
In simply three days, you will need to go from 42 push-ups to 50. It won’t be straightforward, but with determination, you will reach the end of this difficulty!


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